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You’ve not seen anything like Michael’s video training! As you would expect, it’s packed full of useful, practical, and memorable content. But building your communication, customer service, and sales skills has never been this much fun! Learn on your schedule, at your own pace. Go on… ignite your performance!


To Become A Person of Influence you will learn to:

  • Create excellent first impressions
  • Have stronger interactions that find better solutions
  • Handle emotional situations like a pro
  • Build a tighter team
  • Hone your communication, including emails
  • Build stronger value when selling ideas
  • Use specific techniques for any situation
The Winning Hand

Michael Hoffman: Igniting Success
in Companies Worldwide!

For over 20 years, Michael Hoffman has been helping companies build sales, radically shift their culture, develop their leaders, and engage employees in delivering true customer service.

With his incredibly energetic, interactive and oh-so-memorable style, Michael is an expert at changing mindsets of teams at all levels. His practical tips and techniques provide necessary tools for people to approach their work “on purpose”.

Award-winning training

12 Episodes,
Served Up Weekly

  1. Giddy UP! Unlock your desire to make a positive impact—the foundation of being influential
  2. Hellooooo! First impressions are key to building trust
  3. The Winning Hand Listen for Power Phrases to offer the right solutions
  4. Drill Deep Convincing vs. persuasion. Presenting features and benefits is just the start
  5. Be Sense-able Make better connections through the power of a good demo
  6. Abracadabra! Learn the magic of concurrence questions in creating a dialogue
  7. Just ASK! Take a look at the psychology and the emotional relationships of closing an interaction
  8. Life Saver How to offer HELP when someone gets overly emotional
  9. Garbage Day Building confidence and competence through sharing feedback for reinforcement
  10. Showtime! Influence competence by addressing specific feedback for improvement
  11. The Write Stuff Paying better attention to the written word creates more impact and avoids conflict
  12. Measure UP! Be present in every interaction to create a positively outrageous experience

12 week, 90 day program

All This for Less Than a CUPPA Coffee a Day!

(ok… here’s the math—5 work days x 5 bucks x 12 weeks = $300)

Take Charge of Your Success

Michael shares tips and techniques to help you have more impact at work and in your daily life. Each episode is fast-paced and fun to watch! In less than 8 minutes, you’ll have great ideas for making positive change to the way you communicate!

Each video in this award-winning series is short—under 8 minutes. Michael doesn’t want you to spend hours in front of the computer. His goal is to learn fast and have fun putting your new skills into practice!

For Companies: Give your teams a much-needed boost! Michael’s video training helps generate higher sales, develops leadership excellence, and inspires world-class customer service with increased customer loyalty.

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