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S.O.U.L. Service On Unbelievable Levels!

Customer Service & Customer Loyalty Training by Michael Hoffman

No matter what the economy does, no matter the volatility of the market, the companies that enjoy LOYALTY from their customers provide an experience that outshines any other competitor.

It has always been the PEOPLE in an organization that makes or breaks this experience. You know—that instant reaction where customers say: “I love those guys!!!”

Michael inspires the hearts and minds of employees to rise to unbelievable levels of customer service. He ignites the desire to provide that extra spark in customer interactions and sustains enthusiastic attitude shifts—from “Yeah, whatever,” to “THIS is how we DO it here!”.


This Customer Service Training Will Ignite:

  • A customer-oriented SOUL in employees
  • Heads connecting with hearts to create a true customer service culture
  • The spirit for individual ownership of any situation
  • Game-changing communication skills for building loyalty
  • A passion for practice, using specific techniques to handle the most challenging people
  • Building trust and avoiding conflict with practical tools


This customer service program can be delivered as a keynote, workshop, or full-day training. It can also be customized for online delivery.

Presenters like youadd a level of credibility which our employees truly appreciate. We are experiencing —first hand—positive exchange of ideas on how to leverage customer satisfaction…

– IBM Dallas Customer Service Center

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