OWN IT! Igniting a Front Line Customer- Experience Culture

There are no great organizations. There are only organizations with great people.

Leadership Development Program by Michael Hoffman

Every human interaction provides a tremendous opportunity to impact, influence – even ignite – a relationship. That’s because every time we interact with others, we walk away with either positive emotions or negative ones. For an organization, how customers perceive your brand is directly related to how they feel about their interactions with your team.

Emotions are at the very core of the customer experience, and it’s the things your people say and do during every interaction that will determine your organization’s ability to build loyalty and a customer experience culture. This makes it critical for everyone in your organization to OWN the interactions they have with your customers.

Keynote speaker and customer experience expert Michael Hoffman equips people with the tools and skills needed to transform every interaction into an experience that will make your customers want to tell all their friends – real and on Facebook – “I love those guys!” Through humor, stories and interactive exercises, attendees of Michael’s OWN IT! Experience program will learn:


  • Why ownership creates a better company culture and stronger teams
  • Why accountability is the key to delivering amazing customer service
  • Game-changing communication skills for interacting with customers and building loyalty
  • How to own your interactions even in the toughest situations
  • How to leave the victim mentality behind and be a part of the success and change!


This customer experience program can be delivered as a keynote, workshop, or full-day training. It can also be customized for online delivery.

A great reminder of the importance of positive feedback, and surrounding ourselves with great employees that are empowered.

– Casebine Community Credit Union

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