OWN IT! for Leaders: How to Lead and Ignite Your Team to OWN the Customer Experience

Workplace Culture, Employee Engagement & Change Management Program by Michael Hoffman

Creating, igniting and equipping a culture of people who own their customer interactions is a complex process. Leaders must first expose their people to the ideas and skills of true ownership, then help them apply these skills in their daily interactions.

That’s where managers and leaders must OWN their influence. Leaders who say and do the right things are best able to build loyalty and ownership in their people. Every conversation is an opportunity to uncover the best in your employees, and Michael teaches leaders how to lead those conversations in order to get the most from your team.

Leading a culture of OWNership is not a character trait. They’ll never find “coach” or “influencer” on your DNA! But in his dynamic presentation and interactive workshops, customer-experience expert Michael Hoffman helps leaders implement the strategy and language of OWNership. Michael teaches the skill sets critical for leaders in creating strong teams and employees that OWN their positions and customer interactions.

In this engaging program for leaders, attendees will learn:


  • How to create a culture of strong teams and individual OWNERSHIP at the same time
  • How to OWN the one skill that propels leaders to true influence
  • How to ignite the communication skills that have real impact on your team
  • The difference between leadership and management and how to put it into practice
  • How to develop confidence and competence as a leader


This customer service program can be delivered as a keynote, workshop, or full-day training. It can also be customized for online delivery.

I’m back in the office, already had my first team meeting, and am raring to go with the insights I gained from my colleagues and from working with you.

– BMO Bank of Montreal

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