Sales Secrets of the 1%ers!

Sales Skills Training by Michael Hoffman

Sales is a rewarding profession, but no one ever said it was easy! Competition is fierce, the gatekeepers are thorough, and rejection is a daily hurdle. That’s why every sales team needs that refreshing and rejuvenating presentation that ignites an enthusiasm for excellence.

Michael will turn your sales team on their ear with his secrets of the best sales people. He shares expert advice on what top sellers do on a consistent basis that keeps them in the top 1%.

This revitalizing session reminds sales professionals that this field is one of constant learning and practice—no matter what the seniority or level. Michael conveys skill-building techniques that can be used immediately to generate more revenue and encourage more excitement and joy in the process!


This Sales Skills Training Will Ignite:

  • Passion for adopting the sales techniques of 1%ers
  • Enthusiasm for lifetime mastery and building value
  • Motivation to individually program for excellence
  • Desire to unlock the secrets of non-verbal communication
  • Ability to develop fantastic presentations geared for unprecedented success!


This sales training program can be delivered as a keynote, workshop, or full-day training. It can also be customized for online delivery.

…absolutely the best, most caring, coaching, and energetic instructor I’ve ever had … Every salesperson in the company needs to hear
this presentation

– Allied Wireless Communications Corporation

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