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You Don't Know Jack About Building Value! audio program

You Don't Know Jack About Building Value!

Audio program

No! This is not an insult towards your skills as a sales person; You Don’t Know Jack is the greatest approach any sales person can wield. If you are not making what you are worth and want more business as a professional sales person, then Michael Hoffman’s You Don’t Know Jack About Building Value is exactly what you need right now.

There simply is not a more direct connection to the ability to make money at selling than your ability to build value. This seminar allows you to tap into the techniques that the top 1% of sales people execute “on purpose” everyday to reach maximum results. Recorded live, Michael Hoffman reveals his in-depth strategies that have the potential to accelerate your career more than any other single action you take. Take a look at just a few of the segments covered in two hours of sales training:

  • How to build value build value build value!
  • The truth about logic and emotion
  • The biggest mistake a sales person can make
  • Utilizing the bucket system to identify unparalleled value
  • One hour of interviews with top salespeople sharing their secrets!
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