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It's All in a Day's Work! audio program

It's All in a Day's Work! Celebrating the Superheroes of Customer Service

Audio program

When everything you say and everything you do is EVERYTHING to that customer in front of you… that gives you a lot of power! And when you face that situation where the mere mortal would run, that’s when you need to be the super hero in that situation. And you do it all the time.

In this laughter filled live keynote presentation, Michael Hoffman celebrates the superheroes of customer service and gives focus to the superhero powers you use every day. He will show you how to be bullet proof, use super hearing and so much more to live up to the power of influence you yield everyday in customer service. Every person who lives in the craziness of business needs to hear this message to re-energize the skill sets necessary to make the impossible seem like… it’s all in a day’s work!

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