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Tame the Tornado! audio program

Tame the Tornado!

Audio program plus support material

Want To Be the Master? More Successful? More Profitable? More Effective?

Of course you do! Who doesn’t? But what are the skill sets necessary to ignite your performance and ignite your success? Michael Hoffman will engage your skill sets by using live performance and one on one coaching in:

  • Leadership: Ignite, equip and grow your people
  • Ignite your power of influence
  • The secrets behind effective feedback
  • Sales: How to get your sales into the exclusive 1%er club
  • How do you become a 1%er?
  • Break down each step of the sales process to the skill level
  • Customer Service: When everything you say and do is EVERYTHING to that customer
  • Turn any customer interaction into a profitable situation
  • How to create world class customer service

And so much more! Designed to be perfect car coaching and skill sharpening, each of these audio programs is chock full of skills, tips and techniques and are perfect for igniting and equipping your drive to success… while driving your car!

Audio one: Leadership—47 minutes
Audio two: Sales—1 hour
Audio three: Customer Service—54 minutes
Audio four: Support Material

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