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Michael Hoffman:
Igniting Success in Companies Worldwide!

For over 20 years, Michael Hoffman has been helping companies build sales, radically shift their culture, develop their leaders, and engage employees in delivering true customer service.

Michael is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), which means he’s an expert at WOWing his audiences and delivering exceptional value.


Motivational Sales, Customer Service & Leadership Speaker


With his incredibly energetic, interactive and oh-so-memorable style, Michael is an expert at changing mindsets of teams at all levels. His practical tips and techniques provide necessary tools for people to approach their work “on purpose”.

Infused with entertaining stories and delivered in a natural, engaging manner, Michael’s presentations richly convey that business will always be about people. He focuses everyone’s attention on owning their attitudes and sharing responsibility for contributing their best daily—especially in the “tornado of business” where change is now a constant factor.

Success is not genetic. They’ll never find ‘success’ on your DNA. We say and do specific things to create great influence. What skill sets are you developing to own your success?


Top Companies & Associations Rely on Michael

Michael’s highly contagious passion for creating business success has earned him the loyalty of many repeat customers.

Clients love Michael Hoffman
Clients love Michael Hoffman
Clients love Michael Hoffman

Michael Hoffman

Michael is committed to igniting performance in your business! For speaker booking, contact Michael: (214) 552-6288. To talk with Michael about customized or online training, contact him here.