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Tame the Tornado! audio program

Tame the Tornado!

Want to be the master? More successful? More profitable? More effective? Of course you do! Who doesn’t? But what are the skill sets necessary to ignite your performance and ignite your success?

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You Don't Know Jack About Building Value! audio program

You Don't Know Jack About Building Value!

No! This is not an insult towards your skills as a sales person; You Don’t Know Jack is the greatest approach any sales person can wield. If you are not making what you are worth and want more business as a professional sales person, then Michael Hoffman’s You Don’t Know Jack About Building Value is exactly what you need right now.

Audio program

It's All in a Day's Work! audio program

It's All in a Day's Work! Celebrating the Superheroes of Customer Service

When everything you say and everything you do is EVERYTHING to that customer in front of you… that gives you a lot of power! And when you face that situation where the mere mortal would run, that’s when you need to be the super hero in that situation. And you do it all the time.

Audio program

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